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Genuine Leather Seat Cover

If you are looking for seat covers that match well with the luxury of your Jaguar while providing complete protection to the seats, and last you for years then you have to choose the Genuine Leather seat covers from Coverking. Coverking is the only custom seat cover manufacturer certified to QS9000 and TS16949 quality standards, so you can be sure you’ll get the best.

Genuine Leather Seat Cover
Part No. Color Description Price Order Now
1L1 Black Genuine Leather Seat Covers $500.95
1L3 Gray Genuine Leather Seat Covers $500.95
1L5 Beige Genuine Leather Seat Covers $500.95

The Jaguar seats are designed and integrated with various functions. They have reclining, folding and even removal features. They come accompanied with integrated airbags, seatbelts and even sometimes the electric massage. To get the optimum usage of the original functions of your seat and as well as to protect it from any kind of damage, you need the Genuine Leather seat covers. There are special “cut outs” in the seat covers, so as to provide complete accesse to every feature and “lever” placed in the seat.

The slip over Genuine Leather seat covers offer excellent resistance to abrasion and wind, and have natural properties of water resistance and breathability. These seat covers are extremely flexible and so can cover the seats completely and totally. Thus, offering complete protection to your seats for years.

The Genuine Leather seat covers are impeccably fine and luxurious. They are made of genuine leather that promises real comfort in every sense. However please note that Genuine Leather is used only on the sitting surface – the sides have Leatherette in the same color. Leatherette has the same look and feel of Genuine Leather but is cheaper, and so its use reduces the cost. The luxury and durability of genuine leather on the seating surface, combined with the famous Coverking Custom fit make a great combination. But if you prefer, the entire cover can be made using Genuine Leather.

The company makes only customized seat covers after receiving the exact make and model specifications from the automaker and feeding them to the computer for the designing. The production area is heavily computerized and every function is optimally optimized to get the best output.

If its Coverking Genuine Leather seat covers you have selected then there’s nothing to worry about for years.
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